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Falling Whistles

This is a dope cause. More info below. (via NecoleBitchie)

Ciara was spotted at the airport yesterday afternoon as she headed home from her vacation in Miami. She wore a Falling Whistle around her neck in support of a nonprofit campaign for peace and aid for children in the war-torn Democratic Republic of Congo.

My sister pointed out the significance of the whistle last night and felt it was important for me to raise awareness around the whistle. She told me that the Democratic Republic of the Congo has child soldiers. They kidnap young boys torture them and force them to be soldiers. The ones that are too small to hold guns are given whistles and are put on the front lines. Their job is to blow a whistle to let everyone know when the enemy is coming, so they are the first ones killed. The whistles are sold and 100% of the proceeds go to rehabilitating the ones that escape.

You can find out more information at

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    LOVE this post! Please take a few minutes and read it and then click the link to watch the video. This is fashion and...
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    I never knew. Now I want to get one. I love when there is jewelry to support a cause because I’m never without one piece...
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